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​All hirers who wish to drive one of River’s motorhomes have to be between the ages of 23 -75. They need to have held a full licence for a minimum of 2 years and needs to have current driving experience to drive our vehicles. Other licence holders and age groups can be considered on referral to an insurance underwriter.
River Motorhomes hire costs include fully comprehensive insurance. We will arrange this insurance through a trusted insurer prior to collection. The excess insurance is the amount payable by the hirer for each, and every occurrence of damage or theft claimed on the vehicle, or any third-party claim made against River.

The insurance excess is £1200  

This is a list of items that our insurance does not cover. These items are chargeable on a case by case basis. Meaning that the normal insurance excess will not apply

Awning damage

Bike rack damage

Windscreen and glass damage

Damage to road wheels or punctures and blowouts

Broken or lost keys

Vandalism or vehicle break in

Repairs or damage believed to be the result of negligent, abnormal or deliberate acts

Damage above windscreen height (6.6ft or 2m)
The insurance is void if any damage is caused when under the influence of drink or drugs. 

River’s insurance does not cover any personal possessions or personal insurance for customers including physical/bodily injury or death to the driver. Our advice would be to make sure you take out your own Personal Holiday Insurance

The hirer will be held fully liable and their insurance cover may be revoked if they fail to abide by Rivers terms and conditions. Our complete terms and condition are included within your rental agreement at our offices.
Booking Deposit - All bookings require a non-refundable 25% deposit.

However, if the collection date is within 6 weeks the full balance will be due.

Security Deposit (refundable) – A minimum of £1200.00 is due at the time of vehicle collection. This will be higher for EU and event hire. All deposits may be increased at the discretion of River Motorhomes employees.

Valued customer - please know that all security deposits will be refunded as soon as the vehicle has been checked in and it is confirmed that it is in exactly the same state as it was when we hired it out. However, please allow 14 working days for the deposit to appear in your bank account.
​Yes, our motorhomes are allowed to travel through most European countries. 

​There are extra costs incurred if you take a River Motorhome abroad due to the added breakdown cover and insurance charges.

One off charge for up to 7 = £105
8 nights and over: £105 + £15 per night, up to a maximum of £250.00

The additional charges cover:

§ Additional Insurance
§ Additional Breakdown Cover
§ European Travel Kit
§ Mileage
§ A Vehicle on Hire Certificate (VE103B). This provides proof that you have our permission to take a River motorhome abroad 

Please note: The minimum abroad motorhome hire is 7 night. You are able to drop your vehicle back earlier, but you will be charged for that minimum period.
2nd additional Driver – maximum of 3 - £80 each per hire

Cleaning – Inside Vehicle - £95 – General clean, hoover, polish etc. (Stain damage, broken items etc- not included)
If not already cleaned by hirer

Bed linen and towel packs per hire - from £35 per pack

EU Hire - One off charge for up to 7 nights = £129 - 8 nights and over: £129 + £18 per night, up to a maximum of £400

Gas BBQ - Fixed price: £35

Outdoor table, chairs and parasol - Fixed price: £25 per hire

Pets – maximum 2 (dogs or cats) Fixed price: £75, per hire
Yes, as long as your licence was issued in the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) countries they are treated equally. To help here is a useful list of the relevant Countries:
European Countries
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.
European Economic Area
Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.
This means if you hold a valid community licence from an EU/EEA country you are able to drive in line with the applicable authorisation as per your driving licence.

Please note: If your licence is not valid in the UK it is a criminal offence to drive. If you ignore this and drive a vehicle this will invalidate the insurance and you will be breaking the law again as you will be driving without valid motor insurance
​Any Non UK, EU, EEA licences have to be valid for the whole period of the motorhome rental. An international Driving permit will be required if the foreign licence is in a foreign alphabet.
Please note: If you have an International Driving Permit that was issued in the UK they are not valid in the UK.
If you are a driver from outside the UK and would like some further guidance please view the links below:


PLEASE BE AWARE: If it is discovered that a River motorhome is being driven by an uninsured and unauthorised driver that is anyone where we have not seen, verified and recorded the licence details on the rental agreement then the hire will be terminated immediately and the hirer will be liable for all cost and we will levy an extra charge of £500.
Several different endorsements are fine. Although, more than 6 points or a recent endorsement may cause an increased excess or refusal of rental, as will any serious convictions within the last 11 years. River reserve the right to decline rental for certain endorsements. Please do ring our offices regarding any endorsements / conviction that you wish to discuss in more detail. No more than ONE fault or outstanding accident/claim/incident in the last 3 years.
Yes you can add  up to three drivers for £80 each
​Definitely, there is an additional change of £75 per pet and you are allowed up to two furry friends.
​Yes, we are able to fit a bike rack on the rear of the motorhome. if you book this at the time of your reservation
​No, our motorhomes do not have the capability to tow a car.
The motorhome will be available for collection from our Stratford Upon Avon depot between 10am and 16.00pm

We offer Monday to Saturday collections and returns (excluding Bank Holidays).
As soon as you become aware that you are going to be late please call our office on 0330 808 0805.
Please note: Our latest pick up or drop off is 4pm
Yes, we are able to arrange to deliver and/or collect your motorhome using our deposit, deploy and depart service. This service is £1.50 per mile to your nearest main train station. We are able to offer event delivery but please email or call the office for further information and costings.
Yes, we are able to collect you from an airport, bus/train station if you arrange this with us prior to your collection day. If you wish to use this service please call our office on 0330 808 0805 or email office@rivermotorhomes.co.uk. There is a change for this service.
Yes, you are able to leave your car with us. Our only request is that you leave the keys with us so if needed we can move it. Although, please know that your car and its contents are left at completely your own risk.
We provide you with UK and European road side assistance and full vehicle recovery. Our motorhomes are regularly checked so it is highly unlikely that the vehicle or any of the equipment will break down. However, if something does happen please contact our offices as soon as possible on 0330 808 0805 and we will be able to instruct you from there.
​Firstly, your enjoyment of our motorhome is paramount. We want you to go and have any amazing holiday and enjoy all the exclusive trappings a holiday on the move can offer you. However, what we do expect is that you respect and take care of our motorhome and its contents.
If there is any damage or lost to the interior, exterior of the vehicle or its contents no matter how it is caused, we will have no choice but to charge you for its repair or replacement.
Due to this, we would suggest that you do not move off until you have done a thorough check of both the outside and the inside of the vehicle. Make sure the aerial and steps are retracted the gas is off and the power lead has been safely stowed away. Also, check the windows, doors, roof vents and skylights are closed and secured. Do remember that the awning should not be left out at night or while you are away from the vehicle. It should only be used as a protector from the sun and should be put away in any adverse weather such as snow, wind or rain etc.
It is also advisable to get one of your fellow passengers to stand outside, away from the vehicle so they can help to safely guide you as you reverse.
If there is an unfortunate incident where damage or loss has occurred to any part of one of our vehicles, please contact River’s office immediately. This may then limit the cost to you because if we are made aware of the issue prior to your return, we may be able to order parts and just mend/replace the item on your return. This could then negate the need to find an alternative motorhome for our next customer. A cost you may be liable for.
Absolutely, we will show you everything you need to know, this normally takes around 45 minutes. We also supply how to guides and check lists
Yes, you will need to email the documents below to  hire@rivermotorhomes.co.uk

We need one item from both of the following groups for proofs of identification for ALL DRIVERS prior to collection/delivery. Where possible please also bring the originals with you or pass them to our driver when you collect your motorhome.

1. Primary Proof:

• Utility bill (electricity, water, gas, broadband/landline)

• Council tax

• TV licence

• Bank or credit card statement

• Mortgage statement

• Polling card

• HMRC self-assessment/tax credit/DWP letter

2. Secondary Proof:

• Student loan agreement

• Shotgun licence

• Payslip

• Mobile phone bill

• Pension letter

• Car finance statement

• Loan statement

• Property deed

PLEASE NOTE: The Insurance company will not insure you without one item from each group which is dated within 90 days of your RETURN date. Failure to supply these items will mean that the insurance company will not insure you and we will be unable to release the motorhome.

3. Copy of the back and front of your photo card drivers’ licence (Name and address must be up to date)

4. Please complete an Online licence check by following the link https://www.viewdrivingrecord.service.gov.uk/driving-record/licence-number. Then either send us the code with your national insurance number or send us a pdf of the check.

Please note: We cannot accept photocopies.

Any document that does not meet the above mentioned criteria

All drivers must produce their driving licences at the River Motorhomes office or they will not be able to drive the vehicle.

Your refundable £1200.00 security deposit prior to collection.
​If you find that you need to cancel your booking the following charges will apply:

Prior to 6 weeks before your booking the deposit will be withheld

Between six and four weeks, half of the total hire charge will be withheld

Between four and No Show: all (100%) of the total hire charge will be withheld.

Although, it is not a service we provide. It may be of benefit to take out Personal Holiday Insurance
Booking a motorhome with River could not be easier. Just use one of the following three methods:

Book and Pay online

Call the River Motorhomes team on 0330 808 0805

Email our office at office@rivermotorhomes.co.uk
- Hire of a luxurious motorhome no older that 18 months

- Fully equipped kitchen with all the utensils, crockery and cutlery provided

- UK & European breakdown cover

- Insurance