Festival Hire.......

Do not get the Blue’s after a night of laying on a Hard Rock in a stuffy,  sweaty or cold and cramped  tent  at this year’s music festivals? Instead, be instrumental in hiring a Classical piece of  Heavy Metal in an all singing, all dancing River motorhome.  Rock and Roll in your very own, Funktent Alternative, a clean, comfortable and cosy vehicle where you can have a little R&R listening to R&B.

You can drum up a tasty dish on the hob or oven. Pop something fizzy in the fridge, Hip hop 
into a comfy bed and headline in your own on-suite  So, whether you plan to Jazz it up and
party hard or sedately take in the experience, do not hesitate to take centre stage in your   
very own performance and book one of River Motorhomes luxury vehicles.       

And for those folk who would prefer not to swing past and collect their motorhome, it will be
music to your ears to know that your vehicle can be delivered to your desired destination using
our deposit, deploy and depart service.